Sample Code Summer 2020

To showcase my current programming style I’ve started a sample iOS project. It is an Books-alike that will be able to access a collection of books from a JSON file and then be able to download and read them.

These are the features it will have once it is feature-complete:

  •  Create Project without Storyboard
  •  Create JSON file format & Codeable Model
  •  Make Network Request
  •  Layout Header with info from JSON file
  •  Show temp data in Collection View
  •  Create Constants for any Design values
  •  Make network request for cover images concurrently
  •  Create cache for cover images
  •  Write Unit tests for ViewModel
  •  Write UI tests
  •  Download PDFs from network to local storage
  •  Open PDF in PDFView from Collection View
  •  Manage Cached Books on disk