Sprite Tour iOS

I’ve updated this somewhat dated Apple example app that really doesn’t seem to be that available anymore (which makes sense since it is from 2013, https://developer.apple.com/download/more/?name=WWDC%202013).

It now compiles on Xcode 11. I will probably make a Swift version of this sooner or later.


  • Each scene demonstrates one major concept. You can learn one technique from each sample, then decide which techniques are useful and how to combine them together.
  • APLBasicSprites Shows how to create a default textured or untextured sprite.
  • APLColorizedSprites Shows how to apply a colorization effect to a textured sprite.
  • ColorizedAnimatingSprite Shows animating colorization effect. Originally part of APLColorizedSprites on mac os version.
  • APLResizingSprites Shows how a sprite can be resized, with different scaling effects applied to the texture.
  • APLSpriteAnchors Shows how a sprite’s anchor position can be changed so that the texture image is not centered on the sprite’s position.
  • APLSpriteBlending Shows how an additive blending mode can be used to simulate lights.
  • APLAnimatedSprites Shows how a sprite’s texture image can be animated.