Constraints Killing You? Blame Auto-Layout.

I recently made a new project and when I ran it the UIButtons and UIViews would all change size and weird things would happen. I now understand that it was merely the auto-layout completely freaking out and trying to fit things into a space in which they already fit.

Are constraints moving around your interface builder elements too much?

Here is what the constraints look like in Xcode. They seem to show up automatically and cannot be manually deleted. I deleted a few of them before I realized that they’d come back even stronger. I’m sure it works for someone to fix their app into both the 3.5″(old + retina) and 4″(iphone 5) versions of the iPhone now. I’m sure the new versions of XCode will work quickly to fix this feature. When I was struggling to figure out what is wrong I realized constraints would prevent me from moving UIViews around the screen. That more than anything else really bothered me. To impinge on normal functionality is a cardinal sin.
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